Mr. Kuunal Saraff is the founder of SAV JEWELS. He is a National Awardee by Govt of India and also the author of best-selling biography "How an iPhone Made Me the Youngest Billionaairee" by K Saraff. SAV JEWELS was founded to serve the fashion lovers with exquisite real looking artificial jewellery. While each piece is crafted meticulously and we ensure that our client is happier to see these in realty than in pictures.
Crafting Relations not just Jewels
When you purchase from us, 1st or the 10th time, we strive to surprise you each time with the excellent designs and stunning quality of our jewels. During your search for real looking artificial jewellery, may it be diamond earrings or kundan sets, we become a part of your style and indeed try to solve it at our portal.
Our Promise
We promise to treat our customers with utmost honesty and respect they deserve. We pride ourselves on the quality of our artificial jewellery and we ensure our clients feel the same while complimenting the sparkling pieces from our store. We hope you would be the part of our family in the years to come.
SAV JEWELS was founded in August 2018 thorugh one Instagram Page (@Sav_Jewels), in two years we have shipped 2000+ orders in India and across 15+ different countries with clients all over. We have decided to launch this portal with a single objective in mind to deliver high quality real looking imitation jewellery to all jewellry fanatics acoss 7 continents in a price they cant just leave at. We have started this portal with an honest intent to deliver not just jewellery, but satisfaction.. We proudly claim ourselves to be the only one to accept returns without questions in India.
SAV Jewels in one of the best online artificial jewellery brands in India for shopping. It guarantees satisfaction to its clients in fashion and imitation jewellery segment. Being in one of the top online jewellery brand segment, SAV Jewels is the best shopping site for artificial jewellery in India.